About Campaign Life Coalition British Columbia (CLBC)

CLCBC is the primary political group working hard for the rights of the unborn. They're involved in political activism in federal, provincial and civic jurisdictions. They believe that government can and should enact laws protecting the right to life of all. CLCBC works towards this goal...the recognition that human life begins at conception and ends at natural death.

Their goals are very simple...they believe that EVERYONE has the basic right to life, from conception until natural death. And so they work within the political system to see that these rights are enshrined and protected, and at the same time nurture a culture of life.


British Columbians are being asked to consider alternate forms of healthcare delivery due to escalating costs. Abortion should be de-insured because women choose to have abortions for personal reasons, not medical reasons. Polls consistently show that the majority of British Columbians (and Canadians) support de-insuring abortions.

A Coalition of a number of organizations are working together to educate British Columbians on the defunding of abortion.

Legal Background

Under the constitution, health care is a provincial responsibility. Provinces decide what services will be covered by the publicly funded health care system. If provinces want to receive funding from the federally-administered Canadian Health and Social Transfers, they do need to follow the guidelines of the Canada Health Act (CHA). All provinces do currently receive this funding and follow the guidelines. Under the CHA, provinces must fund "medically necessary services".

No court has ever ordered provinces to pay for all abortions. Courts in BC, Nova Scotia and Manitoba have objected to the procedure that the provincial governments have used to deny payments for some abortions but have not ordered provinces to pay for abortions.